stained glass domes

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stained and leaded glass dome pattern detail with glass crystals and beveled glass

Modern technologies of construction, hi-tech equipment and present day materials have widen the scope of using decorative glass in modern architecture. Technological progress reflected positively on glass production, which became much more affordable comparing with previous eras. As a result, Artistic Line Studio has possibility to create the most expressive works of art with reflection of the modern time.

Studio's team does not only use pre made glass, but creates it in their studio. They use glasses that are fabricated by different companies in the USA, Canada, Germany and Italy on their demand. Studio's team explores applications that demand not only decorative affects, but technical creativity as well. They experiment through vast knowledge of different materials, techniques, forms of art, history of art to express the contemporary view of the world.

Studio's team uses and combines all components effectively. They create artistic glass that organically interact with architecture and interior. Architectural glass is comparable to jeweller's art. It is an architectural diamond, that adds to the building special charm and delicacy reflecting exquisite taste of people living in the building.