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stained and leaded glass decorative ornamental skylight ceiling with crystals and beveled glass

Artistic Line Studio is Toronto based design studio that was established by Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko. Studio works through commission and collaboration to create architectural glass projects of the highest artistic and technical quality. Studio's team has an extensive background in a wide variety of art glass projects including stained and leaded glass domes and flat decorative skylights, glass murals, windows and doors, wall and room dividers, decorative hangings, mosaic murals for private, public and commercial architecture.

Victoria Balva and Eugene Bakumenko are artistic partners who worked together for many years creating site-specific art projects. Victoria graduated from Kharkiv State Art College and studied Monumental and Public Art at University of Industrial and Applied Arts in Ukraine. After she immigrated to Canada in 2000 she set up her glass studio in Toronto. With the degree in Civil Engineering, Eugene jointed the studio and brought his expertise and technical talent in studio’s projects. Victoria develops artistic concepts of the projects and Eugene is handling technical considerations. For practical realization of many projects they attract many professionals with high standard of knowledge in different fields such as wood carvers, cabinet-makers, sculptors, stucco modellers, architects, designers and engineers.

During past years Studios’ team collaborated with architects, interior designers, development companies and private collectors and completed many architectural glass commissions. The company was repeatedly covered in the press, on radio and TV.

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