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Stained and leaded glass skylight dome with crystal jewels and acid etched glass

A stained and leaded glass dome or decorative glass flat skylight made of art glass is a jeweller's crown of the house and adds luxury and unique character to the building. Long time ago architects appreciated value of soft light coming from above and filled royal residencies and galleries with windows build into roof. Stained and leaded glass skylight plays a role not only as a guide of soft light from above but also creates a magnetic link with the sky. It puts the strongest decorative emphasis into interior space, highlights height of the ceiling and transforms flow of light.

Technically, a stained and leaded glass dome is a compound engineer structure, combined of a few elements: metal supporting frame, decorative glass, solder and lead. All glass panels are reinforced in a way to avoid glass sagging and glass panes breakage. Supporting metal frame is an organic component of the skylight design. Studio's domes are actually circular segment of sphere and each peace of glass is laid on the sphere surface. The glass panels are curved in both longitudinal and latitudinal directions.

During each project development Studio's team solves number of technical and artistic problems. Many factors are taken into consideration such as architecture and interior design style, light characteristics, artistic merit, distance between viewer and artwork, method of installation, priorities of the client, safety, color, texture, materials, composition, desired effects and much more...

New ideas and design concepts are developed for specific clients and architecture. Studio's domes and skylights are unique and at the present moment there is no existent similar work. Studio's team creates style, fashion and trend in modern stained and leaded glass domes and flat skylights.

Generally, dome is placed in the ceiling opening, has a room above with the source of natural light from a roof skylight and built in artificial light for the night time. It is extremely important to select the correspondent glass for the skylight because it is unlikely that viewer would like to observe the structure and equipment of the space above the glass through decorative glass ceiling. In case when glass was chosen incorrectly, structure of attic is dominating above the artistic skylight and depress complex effects of decorative glass.

In decorative glass skylights and domes Artistic Line Studio blends ancient traditions and contemporary styling by combining classical elements and modern technologies and materials to achieve new perception of stained glass of 21 century.

Studio's artistic glass projects visually are very dynamic. Small step to the right or to the left, ray of sun, time of the day, glass background, distance to the artwork may change the impression from stained glass so much, that each time the viewer will glance at stained glass and discover various new unexpected effects. It will stimulate the viewer to look at glass again and again and explore it under different conditions ... And each time the spectator will notice something new in the play of glass and light.

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